If anyone is concerned about rumours concerning the Ocicat breeds and HCM please follow the link below for more information


Do you like the look of the wild cats? Then you have come to the right place!

About us

My name is Anita & my husbands is Robert, we share our home with our son, our GSD & nine cat’s, we also have three daughters whom visit regularly with our four Grandchildren. There has always been a cat & dog in my family, in fact I can not ever recall a time when I’ve been without one or two being part of my life. I’ve helped charity shelters & taken in feral or homeless cats that have landed on my doorstep I’ve personally rescued.  Robert & I both believe that cat’s & dogs should be allowed to live in the home as part of the family, he has built two outside play pens that our cats have access to from our house, and when the weather is mild they are allowed the run along with our dog of our cat secure back garden.

WHY we breed The OCICAT’s

It took us a full year to adopt our first Oci due to there are not many breeders here in the UK.
We BOTH ADORE THEIR LOOK OF THE WILD, this expression is amazing & like no other cat’s we’ve seen, (and that’s a huge amount) they have the gait of a hunter, long slim tails & almond shaped eyes. One having a spotted coat, the other being the classic tabby pattern and both come in all 12 colours, we believe we have the best of both world’s. Miniture Cheetahs come to mind when you see them spring into action giving chase after a bug or a feather stick or a laser light. They love being in human company & known as people cats, easily trained being very dog-like in their behavioursand we are truly hooked by the beautiful, affectionate & adorable Ocicats.

How we met the TIFFANIE Breed

While exhibiting at a show we met Heather McRae & Richard Gabb, Heather asked me if I’d follow her around while she  fed her cats, beings mine were already fed, relaxed & content, I didn’t mind. We tended to her Oci‘s then she introduced me to Anna’s who I’d never seen before & such a cutie. Heather told me how well they get on with the Oci’s being just as playful, versatile & adaptable, I was bewitched by her expression or was it her scowl….lol.  I knew then that I would like one of this breed, then Heather had a litter & the rest is history, but like the Oci’s they are a small number breed & there are not many Breeders in the UK.


Our aim is to rear healthy, outgoing kittens that are very friendly and used to being played with, picked up, having cuddles by adults & children of all ages. Whom are used to the many noise’s of a busy household, such as hoovers, power tools, dogs & their barking, music, etc. (which is normal for us. lol) By making sure of this it reduces stress, therefor illness, and helps them adapt with ease to most new surroundings & situations that they may come up against in life. We hope to promote the Ocicat, Ocicat Classic & Tiffanie Breeds, to be able to educate people about them, and demonstrate their friendly & loving nature to the general public & other breeders.

PLEASE DO CONTACT US – We breeders always like a good cat chat.

You are very welcome to phone, Text or email if you are interested in adopting one of our kittens or would like to know more about the Ocicats & or Tiffanie breed. If we have no kittens we do have have friends who may have some that are available or a litter on the way, so please leave your detailsand we will contact you.

Mobile phone: Anita – 0780 0761 826  and  Landline phone number: 01788 – 811186
Late afternoons or evenings before 9.30pm is the best time to call.     

Or Email us (click on email)

We live in Rugby, Warwickshire, CV22. We are Situated central to: Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Birmingham, and Warwick, within very easy reach of  the Motorway networks & major main roads.