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Anizz is expecting Ocicat Kittens

Anizz is pleased to announce that Amba our Cinnamon Ocicat is expecting Kittens during early December 2016. Updates available on Facebook, Save

Kittens & Moms

We have 6 kittens,  4 huge Ocicat boy’s and 2 Tiffanies a boy,  a girl.  I’m pleased to say that their all growing, gaining weight & near all have opened their eyes.  My Tiffanie girl got good results from the vet yesterday so were now, one big very happy family.  I will be putting some…

We have kittens

On Tuesday 2nd October unfortunately unfortunately both my girl’s had emergency cesarean’s, but both thankfully & their kittens are doing o.k. it’s been hard work as I’ve had to bottle feed the little ones 2hourly to give mom’s a rest as they were running high temperature’s but they are all together now & very attentive…

Pregnant Queens

Gosh both my Ocicat and Tiffanie girls are now huge, they are lying on the bed either cuddling,  grooming, or chirriping to each other, but neither seems interested in giving birth yet……come on girls I’m tired

Both girls are nesting in their kitten box’s, both are very big & waddling, I will be moving them into the kitten rooms soon.

ANIZZ kittens

I am so excited, it looks like both my cats are pregnant, so we may have a litter of Ocicat & Ocicat Classic kittens & litter of Tiffanie kittens within a week of each other. Fingers crossed for safe births approx the end of Sept, and healthy kittens.