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AZY’s First Litter

Our last Kittens were from our Ocicat Classic (Ameeka Osprey) she had two Kittens. Azi is a superb, gentle & very attentive mom. Our Thanks go to Mrs Jackie Atkinson for allowing us to have Ch.Texasdots (Tex) as the sire, not long before he was neutered.  Pictures of the kittens, 

thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-12 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-11 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-09 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-08 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-07 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-06 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-05 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-04 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-03 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-02 thumbs_k-azi-kittens-nov-2010-01

AZY ,Chippies & Cailins Kitten’s

Our Ocicat Classic (Ameeka Osprey) and Thickthorn Chippewa our stud had four Kittens. Azi is a superb, gentle & very attentive mom. Pictures of the kittens, click on any picture to enlarge.

Cailin also had 2 kittens both litters were raised as one litter with 2 mum’s