Our Cats

Ameeka Osprey



Many Thanks to Mrs Stacie Shorten for allowing us to have our gorgeous girl.

Azani is very active, inquisitive & athletic, she is the only cat we’ve known to walk across the top of door frames, there isnt any place she can not get to or in & she likes to be involved in whatever were doing.

On returning to our home Azi always greets us at the door with her welcoming sweet meow while rubbing against our legs, she is an affectionate, loving, sweet natured girl. However she is just as quick to let you know her displeasure with a grumble & scowl aimed in your direction if you are the reason for it.




Yesso Leilani

Yesso Leilani



Our thanks go to Rita Leggett for allowing us to have Leilani, she is a reserved, sensitive & cautious girl who loves being outside chasing whatever moves, as she runs across the garden, stops & stalks her prey “the wild cat look” is even more evident in the way she moves plus her beautiful expression.

azi and lani

Shushhh please were trying to relax here

In the house she is what we call a watcher but when you get her favourite toy which is a feather stick she comes to life & doesnt stop chasing it until its put away.  Just being near to Lani her purr is audiable but as I aproach, it increases, then when she’s stroked she sounds like a tractor so I call her, my purr box. Lani is a big softy & a lovely, very sweet natured girl.

Lani & Azi are both the colour Tawny.  The original SPOTTED OCICAT & the OCICAT CLASSIC.



Chippy 5 mths, taking a rare rest.
Chocolate Silver Ocicat



We would like to thank Mrs Rosemary Caunter for entrusting us with Chippy, he is a very sociable, friendly, boy & loves the company of all our pets and human family.
He & Dayton are the best of playmates, and play a game of fetch between themselves, taking it in turns with a foam ball & fur toy. Cailin, Chippy & Azi are often chasing each other around our home, be it in or out of the tunnel & cube, up the cat climbers or in the playpens. He is constantly on the go finding various things to occupy himself, he is always running & rarely walks anywhere. The only time he is still is for a short rest, when he is cuddling up with one of the girls while they are grooming him or when he is fast asleep.



1 yr old Keela,
Chocolate Tortie Ticked Tabby Tiffanie


Cagaran Briotas – TIFFANIE

Many Thanks to Miss Heather McRae & Mr Richard Gabb for our lovely Tiffanie girl. She is very friendly yet playful, wanting to be on your lap for cuddles & also joining in whatever were doing. She is a strong willed girl but is true to her breed in being very affectionate & never getting in the way. She is a delight to have within our family & fits in well with all our other furry members too. Her favourite place is perched on your shoulder in which she will jump from anywhere to get to, including the floor, we think she has springs in her legs…lol. She enjoys being outside in the garden but we have to watch her as she can jump as high as the 6ft fence & has bought a bird down as it was flying over. She will come along & pluck at your jacket, jumper, or dressing gown in the hope of finding an opening so she can climb inside, or she will snuggle up on your lap but beware her purr lulls you to sleep.



Cailin 5 months old,
Chocolate Silver shaded Tiffanie



Once again it is with many thanks to our friends Heather & Richard for another of their beautiful girls. Cailin is an absolute delight to have as our latest family member, she is a very sweet, adorable friendly girl & has settled into our home straight away. She is a funny girl & has us in tears with laughter, she has a creaking sound instead of a meow which is also comical in itself. She rubs her face against your face & often sends my glasses flying, I’m sure she thinks its a game now & does it on purpose….but who can tell such an affectionate, little cutie off….not me…lol.